Sullivan Entities

Reverend Leon H. Sullivan’s philosophy of self help led to the formation of several entities that would both address education and training for employment as well as African American business ownership.  These entities are:

Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC) of Philadelphia – Philadelphia OIC is one of the region’s oldest and largest providers of tuition-free job training and career development services, offering everything from computers for beginners to advanced hospitality training.

Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America (OICA) – OIC of America, Inc. is established to serve as the national headquarters to OIC Affiliates nationwide and provide technical assistance to communities replicating the OIC model.

Opportunities Industrialization Centers International (OICI). OIC International has been on the frontlines of the effort to fully develop Africa’s workforce through quality and market driven workforce development training and job placement.  Their mission is to alleviate poverty through developing a trained and employable workforce with skills to work in many of the key and critical core focus sectors.

Zion Non-Profit Corporation (ZNPC).  ZNPC built and owns Zion Gardens, a 98-unit low-income apartment complex in Philadelphia, PA.

Progress Investment Associates (PIA) (formerly known as Zion Investment Associates (ZIA).  PIA is a commercial economic development enterprise dedicated to sustainable community economic development and job opportunities. PIA owns and operates Sullivan Progress Plaza, a shopping center in North Philadelphia. The first shopping center built and owned by African Americans in the nation.

Leon H. Sullivan Charitable Trust (the Trust) (formerly known as the Zion Non-Profit Charitable Trust).  The purpose of the Trust is to use the income and principal of money and property received for charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes, based on the principles of self-help, social responsibility, and human rights.  The Trust owns and operates the Leon  H Sullivan Human Services which offers affordable office space for human and social services agencies, and the Trust is partner owner of Progress Haddington Plaza, a shopping center in West Philadelphia.

International Foundation for Education and Self-Help (IFESH) – The mission of IFESH was to support African nations in their efforts to eradicate poverty, disease and inequity through self-help partnership programs. This organization is no longer active.