LHSCT Moving Mountains Grant Application(CLOSED)

The LHSCT Moving Mountains Grants will be focused on projects that are aligned with two core program areas.  Non-profits and for-profits are eligible to apply for a $5000 grant if they have a program/project that fits any of these criteria. All organizations/businesses MUST be located in Philadelphia county to be considered. The deadline is October 31, 2022.

Workforce Development & Education

Employment is a key driver of economic mobility. That is why we are focused on building pathways to employment by supporting a range of workforce development opportunities, including education, upskilling, and reskilling programs – meeting people where they are so that individuals and families can advance. We will fund projects that focus on:

  • Youth employment – high school completion programs, skills training (hard and soft skills), first-time employment, internship, apprenticeship, and mentoring
  • Alternative pathways for adults – job preparedness, training, skill-building, college or vocational certification, career counseling, ESL education and training, entrepreneurship opportunities, and job placement and retention.
  • Barriers to employment – organizations that help individuals overcome barriers to employment (individuals with disabilities, the formerly incarcerated, foster care youth, individuals living in extreme poverty) through training, support services, and housing.
  • Hard skills – organizations that provide education and training programs targeting skills that are in high demand yet lack diversity in the workforce.


Small Business Economic Development

Small businesses play an important role in the overall health of our nation’s economy. In response to the challenges small business owners face in today’s environment, we are supporting entrepreneurs, especially minority and indigenous owned, as they address their short-term needs and strengthen their overall sustainability. We will fund projects that focus on:

  • Resiliency of small businesses/operations. Funds to cover technical assistance or operation support of your business or plan to prepare, withstand, and recover from extreme unplanned events and the long-term impacts (short and long term).
  • Revitalization, preservation, and stabilization initiatives of the business that engage community stakeholders or another business in building a sustainable business (UJAAMA).
  • Assisting economic development efforts. Tasks needed to promote small business growth and stable operations

An organization may apply once each calendar year; however, chances of receiving subsequent funding are not guaranteed. Proposals are accepted twice a year, in April and October each year. Any proposal submitted after October cannot be considered for the current year. All proposals must be submitted electronically by the deadline date. Organizations will be notified no later than six (6) weeks after receipt of their proposal.


It is the responsibility of each applicant to submit all required information and documents. Please review the checklist thoroughly. The Leon H. Sullivan Charitable Trust (LHSCT) reserves the right to reject, without notice, any incomplete proposal.

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