STEP-UP Trade School Scholarship

The Step-Up scholarship program provokes an awareness of the creator of a “Self Help Philosophy” by requiring applicants to describe a significant effort initiated by Reverend Leon H. Sullivan and how that same effort might be effectively applied today.  Dr. Sullivan once said of his training programs: “there will be special emphasis on helping young people in the middle and lower sections of their classes who aspire to college education…” In keeping with that philosophy, the Step-Up Trade school scholarship aims to assist individuals who may or may not have recognized their potential yet can exceed the skills a trade school can provide.

Amount: $1000 (Four (4) Awards)


  1. African-American
  2. Philadelphia county resident
  3. Acceptance at a fee-based school that teaches trades. Graduates might receive diplomas or certifications. These are not for degree-granting colleges or universities (Proof required if selected)

Basis of Selection: The following criteria are taken into consideration

  1. Community Service
  2. An essay on the designated topic
  3. Letters of recommendation

Required Information:

  1. Complete and Sign Application
  2. Identification of community activities, awards/recognition, or jobs in the last two (2) years
  3. Minimum three (3) letters of recommendation from any of these sources
    • Community service organization
    • Family or friend
    • Extra-curricular activity
  4. Essay- Describe a significant effort conceived by Rev. Leon H. Sullivan and how we can apply it today. (Minimum of 1000 words)

Deadline: ALL documents must be submitted and received by 11/15/2023. All documents submitted become the property of the Leon H. Sullivan Sullivan Charitable Trust and will not be returned. 

Each winning recipient must submit a copy of their school acceptance and/or registration to receive the award.

Children of Trustees (active or inactive) are not eligible for this scholarship.